EDawg878 Rules

Category 1 Rules (Lowest Severity)
1a No Excessive swearing in global chat
1b No Spamming
1c No inappropriate discussions or topics in global chat
1d No telling or encouraging people to break the rules
1e No flooding global chat or advert chat
1f No impersonating any other players or staff
1g No inciting drama
1h No disrespecting players or staff

Category 2 Rules (Moderate Severity)
2a No use of any dangerous hacks/mods that affect other people's gameplay or that give you unfair advantages over others
2b No inappropriate usernames
2c No inappropriate skins
2d No harassing players or staff
2e No purposely telling harmful lies about someone or any slander
2f No bypassing any server filters
2g No toxic behaviour
2h No advertising or saying any other server names

Category 3 Rules (Higher Severity)
3a Do not recruit people to join your Minecraft server or realm
3b No Disturbing the Peace
3c No repeatedly breaking the rules
3d No trapping players so they can’t escape or logout
3e No threatening other players, the staff or the server
3f No bypassing any punishments given to you
3g No asking for other server names or IP's
3h No obstructing staff

Category 4 Rules (Highest Severity)
4a No advertising any other server IP's or links to a server
4b No building any lag machines or attempting to lag or harm the server
4c No racist, sexist, prejudice or homophobic behaviour will be tolerated
4d No building anything that incites hatred or causes alarm or distress to others
4e No giving out anyone else's personal information
4f No encouraging suicide
4g No inciting violence or any hate speech
4h No advertising inappropriate builds or content

Category 5 Rules (Server Specific Rules) [C1]
5a No griefing other people's plots

Category 5 Rules (Server Specific Rules) [S1]
5a No griefing or raiding claimed land
5b No abusing the auction house to break rules​
5c No bypassing player protected builds
5d No stealing items from other players
5e No using your account/alt accounts to AFK on the server​

Discord Rules
1 You may not post any inappropriate memes, art, pictures, links, etc. in any discord channel
2 You may not switch to different voice channels with the intent to annoy, seek attention, cause drama, etc
3 You may not scream/yell into your microphone while in a voice chat, no exceptions
4 You may not sit around in a voice channel if you're going AFK, please move into the AFK channel so others can use the voice chats as needed
5 You may not ask other players for any other discords on any chat on the discord. This includes through pictures, links, verbal communication in VC’s, etc