1a - No Excessive swearing in global chat

While swearing is allowed, excessive swearing is not allowed. The idea of this rule is to balance the rule of keeping swearing allowed but not having people just swear for no reason at all. What we mean by this is just saying curse words in every chat message or excessive amounts in one message.

Swearing should be kept to the odd message or two if need be.

Warning While swearing remains allowed, certain words such as racial slurs remain banned for use.

Excessive swearing will not be enforced in Local chat as it is your plot and only you and your friends will see it but we still advise against excessive swearing as it is a bad habit.

Staff punish commands to use
Replace [player] with the players username.

/punish [player] Swearing

or /punish [player] 1a

Will punish the player for excessive swearing.